Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few reasons to switch sport obsessions

if you can point me to any other Mitchell-related columns as well thought out as this one, the comment section is all yours.

It's also good to see that Jerrad Peters is still getting some local play, as his weekly soccer column seems to have been cut from the otherewise far superior Free Press (don't let the 90s vintage website fool you, it's the newspaper of record in the eastern prairies).

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BMW Motorcycles - A Brief History

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One in five of China's athletes lie about their age

An x-ray analysis of the bones of competitors in the Youth Games in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong discovered that 3,000 of the 15,000 athletes, or 20 per cent, had misrepresented their age.

Two thousand of them were too old to be eligible for youth competition, while one offender was seven years older than he claimed.

Suspicions of age-faking have dogged Chinese sport and caused embarrassment for China during last year's Olympic Games in Beijing. He Kexin, a gold medal-winning gymnast was investigated by the International Olympic Committee after being accused of being only 14 years old and ineligible.

Although Miss He was eventually cleared by the IOC, suspicions linger on and Bruno Grandi, the president of the International Gymnastics Federation recently gave an interview to the German press in which he said that there was "strong circumstantial evidence" of age falsification by the Chinese.

Playmate Blogging for the Philadelphia Eagles

Add another one to the list of celebrity bloggers used for promotion. Philadelphia Weekly reports that Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has joined the Philadelphia Eagles Blog Squad with a blog called Bird Bunny. Kendra, who was on the reality tv show called The Girls Next Door is blogging about the Eagles, her show and that Hugh Hefner is just a "regular guy."
Hef is a really good guy. We watched the fight together the other night. I think he's a really special guy - he's the greatest guy ever. He doesn't have his nose up in the air like every other rich guy ... he's down to earth. He eats pizza just like all of us. We go to McDonald's all the time. He's a regular guy.
More celebrity bloggers being used to promote products and services were discussed in earlier posts. (Via DeadSpin)

New Zealand vs India, 3rd Test Match day 5

On the 5th day of the match india need only 6 wickets to win this test match but the rain destroy the half day of the match and the end result match draw. Harbhajan balls really well he took 4 wickets.Sachin Tendulkar ball well he took 2 wickets .Total: 281 / 8 in 94.3 overs (Run Rate: 2.97) india need only 2 wickets to win the test match but rain ..Gautam Gambhir, the Man of the Match .Rahul Dravid receives a special award for taking the most number of catches in Test cricket ever. He overtook Mark Waugh in this game. On being asked about how it feels, he says that he has played with greats like Srinath, Kumble, Bhajji and to have helped his team-mates with catches has been a real pleasure. This Test series win on New Zealand soil has come after 40 years. Quite a nice milestone indeed. Hope you've enjoyed our coverage for this game. Do join us for the ODIs between South Africa and Australia. Till then from all of us here in the comm box, myself Shirshendu Roy and my co-commentators Nishant Majithia and Mayank Wadhi, it is good bye and good day. Adios...
We will come with lots of things IPL and ICC Twenty – Twenty World cup.

Cheer Girls in IPL cricket tournament

Pictures of cheer girls

Cheer Girls are so sexy in IPL Tournaments. Chear girls are so hot. they are the attraction of the cricket matches at IPL.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Regentville Tennis Blog

"The clay court at Alexandra park also holds an annual mixed doubles clay court tennis event in Singapore which has been running since 2003, called the Grayling Mix Double’s Tennis Invitational.

Sponsored by Grayling a PR and events management company. This event celebrated its 5th anniversary last week. It’s great to see competitive tennis played on clay courts in Singapore.

Most of tennis courts found here in Singapore are mainly hard courts, we have a few lawn courts in private clubs and some synthetic grass courts. To play tennis on a clay court surface here in Singapore, is indeed a great experience for somebody who hasn’t played on this surface before. I certainly have not, but after visiting the Singapore clay courts I wouldn’t mind giving it a try the next time I am there.

If you want to get a taste of clay court tennis in Singapore, I strongly recommend you check out the clay courts at Alexandra park. Remember it's hidden amongst old British Bungalows and a lush forested area. Use the map above to find your way there. For the distance, I think it’s worthwhile to be able to get a taste of clay court tennis here in Singapore. (Pictured right Didi & Eri representing the Regentville Tennis Team). (Above Top - Yoshi).

Photos of Grayling Mixed Doubles Tennis Invitational 2008."

Regentville Tennis Blog

Regentville Tennis Blog: "The Regentville tennis team celebrated the birthdays of BK, Nick, Juan, Apollo, Jacques (overseas) and Jason our newest Regentville tennis team member. Despite of the thunderstorm and heavy showers that threatened to ruin our BBQ cum pot luck birthday celebration for our 6 Regentville tennis team members, the rain finally let up and we all could tuck in to the sumptuous spread of Local and Filipino cuisine."

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Other Things To Look Forward To Besides The Live Blog

It turns out that Emeritus and his magic orange protective helmet will be on television tonight as part of Coke Zero's pre-game festivities. Get your DVRs ready. More »
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