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Bingo Games Guide

online bingo games Bingo Games GuideBingo is a game where players try to match numbers drawn at a random manner against numbers. This internet bingo game was first played in the year 1939. The winner of this game calls out the word “Bingo!” to alert the other players and to call for the possible “win”. All wins are checked for exactness before the win is officially announced and then the prize is secured.
In UK Bingo is described as a game where an unspecified number of players can mark off numbers on a ticket as the numbers are randomly called out.
In USA the game is played by a certain number of players. All of them have cards and tokens. When a number is called the player who has the number on his card places a token on that spot.
The earliest online bingo games were played in 1996. However, it has become very significant as lots of people are enjoying this game over internet.
Maximum operators use javascript or adobe flash based games to play online bingo. To win prizes, user must have an account. But free bingo games are also available with no risk of gambling. In this game, optional features can be used to make the game easier, such as auto-dub, best card sorting, best card highlighting etc. Online bingo also offers chat application along with the game that adds a new dimension to online bingo.

Great NFL Sports Blogs

As newspapers are quickly becoming old news :) sports fans have increasingly looked to the internet for the latest news, injury reports, gossip, and analysis. This thirst for in-depth sports knowledge, paralleled by the growth of the blogging phenomenon, gave rise to sports blogging, one of the most powerful forms of sports media communication in use today. For the first time, Joe Average who has a knack for clever writing and sports insight could offer his opinion to the world for free, and then build a following of loyal readers, much like any syndicated columnist at a major newspaper.

And, given the popularity of the NFL, it came as no surprise that many of the initial sports bloggers of yesteryear chose to espouse their opinions about various teams, players, and coaches each week; in an attempt to grab their slice of the new sports advertising pie. Ever since, the sports blogging world has only improved, and NFL blogs, in particular, can offer great insight into the sport that you wouldn’t find in a magazine, newspaper, or even a TV broadcast. Now, there’s something for everyone: serious, humorous, analytical, gossip, statistical, and more.

With that in mind, has put together a short list of great NFL Sports Blogs, that will be helpful this season as you plan out your NFL betting activities. Read through each blog carefully: some writers are highly experienced, and based on their notes, can provide the essential elements of a sports pick without the boiler room sales hype and financial transaction you’d experience at a handicapping website. Most of these bloggers are weekend warriors, doing this for the love of the sport.

Here are some top notch NFL blogs:

  • NFL Gridiron Gab - The Definitive NFL Football Blog - Matt Loede heads up this exhaustive NFL blog, which also has a sub-blog for each respective team in the NLF: simply type http://www.[yourteam] into your browser. The Gridiron Gab group is a collective of sports fans, sports media figures, and other veterans who have been apart of the sports world for years. Look to the Gridiron Gab for late breaking NFL news, reports, commentary, game analysis, and player news.
  • Blogs - What list of NFL blogs would be complete without one from the NFL itself? NFL Blogs is a fantastic source of NFL late breaking news. There are new entries posted multiple times a day, meant for NFL junkies that can’t get enough football news. NFL Blogs is great for player news and broader league updates. The blogs themselves are generally factual and don’t sensationalize or editorialize about their subject matter.
  • Blog: Around the NFL -’s Eric Edholm is the helmsman of this well written blog, offering some great perspectives on current events in the NFL. The blog appears to cover player news especially well, offering commentary and opinion about the various personalities and characters that make up the NFL. Edholm updates the blog once or twice a day, so pay close attention as the 2009 regular season draws near.
  • - has been cooking along since October 2007, providing great insight and commentary on current events in the NFL. Some recent posts cover Brett Favre’s decision to retire, and Michael Vick’s possible re-appearance on the football field as QB. The blog categorizes its posts by team, so you can browse the menu on the left hand side of the page to find your favorite team’s recent blogs. The blog also covers the NCAA football scene. Additionally, according to the blog’s “About Us” page, team franchises and history are also covered.
  • The Fifth Down Blog - Official Football Blog - We said regular newspapers were going out of style, but the opposite is true of online versions of popular national papers: business is growing. The New York Times is no exception, and it publishes its own NFL blog called “The Fifth Down Blog”, featuring interviews, current events, and stories from a variety of different columnists offering unique opinion and facts. Readers are invited to subscribe and comment on each blog entry.
  • BallHype - NFL/Pro Football Blog Rankings - Although it’s not actually a blog itself, BallHype’s Blog Rankings keeps track of multiple top Pro football blogs, and ranks them by subject matter, popular tags, and posts made per week. There are over 50 blogs to choose from, ranging in topic from individual team news, to commentary, and even humorous blogs. All the blogs on Ball Hype’s are well regarded and have been industry fixtures for years now.
  • American Football Blog - This blog offers a more personal touch to NFL news, covering everything from player contract negotiations, the Super Bowl, play offs, and recent exciting games. The blog’s tags also feature entries about a number of top players, following their stories and records throughout the year either on, or off, the field. This blog started in January of 2009 and offers daily posts: not bad for a relative newbie in the business.

So that’s our list of memorable NFL football blogs. Read up, be entertained, learn something new, and maybe even figure out who’s going to win this weekend. With that knowledge in hand, you’ll be a popular guy on the couch each Sunday, at your office’s water cooler, or better yet with your sportsbook when you start to clean them out of money :) .

Better yet, if you feel so inclined, start your own football blog. It’s free, and there are many websites that offer pre-fabricated templates, so you can simply click, type, and post with the utmost of ease. There’s always room for a good NFL betting blog, particularly ones that dispense with the usual Bull Sh*t and get right down to business.

Have fun with these blogs and play smart this NFL betting season!

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