Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Sharapova’s fourth tournament since returning from a nine-month absence to fix a torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder went no further than day three of the Championships, as she hit a forehand long on Dulko’s fifth match point to complete the Argentine’s 6-2, 3-6, 6-4 victory.

Sharapova had been suggesting that last summer’s tournament “didn’t really exist” for her, and here was another Wimbledon when she didn’t even come close to featuring in the prize-giving weekend.

This is two phantom Wimbledons in a row for Sharapova, a former world No 1 and a global tennis celebrity who is regularly spoken of as the world’s highest earning sportswoman. “The losses are tough, more here than at any other tournament,” Sharapova said.

Before Wimbledon began, some bookmakers had made Sharapova the third favourite, and the first outside the Williams family, to win the Venus Rosewater Dish. Still, Sharapova’s status was not a reflection of her own pre-tournament form; it was a reflection of the lack of contenders for this year’s women’s event who don’t have Williams as a surname.

Since returning to the circuit, Sharapova’s serving rituals are still the same. She still takes a little moment to compose herself, she still bounces the ball a couple of times, and she hasn’t changed the routine of tucking her blonde hair behind one ear and then the other. But her serve is not the weapon that it once was. The speed of her delivery fell away in the third set.

“I didn’t have enough juice on it,” said Sharapova, who, at 6ft 2in, was seven inches taller than the girl on the other side of the net with delhi porn".

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