Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pakistan cricket team’s victory against India : Jubilant youth crowd streets in celebration

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani cricket team’s resounding 54- run victory in the Group A match of the ICC Champions Trophy at Super Sport Park, Centurion, South Africa against arch rival India brimmed the Islamabad streets with jubilation as a large number of people, especially youth came out of their houses to celebrate this great occasion.The match that finished at around 2:30am on Saturday night was an unprecedented day of celebration for the people of Islamabad, as it was the second victory of Pakistan against India in ICC fixtures.Hundreds of youths came on the roads as soon as Saeed Ajmal, the off break spinner, bowled out Indian last batsman Harbhajan Singh. The youngsters, majority of them on motorbikes, thronged the wide roads of Islamabad and gathered at F-6, F-7, F-10, G-8, G-9, Aabpara and Melody markets and other prominent places of the city to celebrate the much-awaited victory. Online ports They were dancing to the drumbeat and chanting slogans “Pakistan Zindabad” (long live Pakistan). A few teenagers were found wheeling as no traffic police were on roads at that time. Youngsters with honking cars, motorbikes and even on cabs remained on the roads and streets till 5am being weekend.Area residents and city managers had installed big TV screens in F-7 and F-10 markaz and at public places in several other parts of the city to watch the match.The jubilation continued on Sunday with its peak in the evening and nighttime at public places that enhanced the joy of Eid for many.Besides, Islamabad, the wave of jubilation was evident throughout Pakistan. Thousands of people poured onto the streets of Lahore and Karachi waving Pakistani flags, flashing lights, lighting crackers, whistling, singing and chanting slogans “Pakistan Zindabad”.“We were desperately waiting for a good news as nowadays we hear only bombings and suicide attacks,” said jubilant Obaid Abbassi, who hosted a dinner for his friends to celebrate Pakistan’s victory.Nadia Mehak, who visiting Super Market with her family to celebrate Pakistan’s victory, said there was no substitute for guts and the faith to win that made Pakistan team hard to beat. “Cheers to Pakistan team, cheers to my Pakistan,” she said gleefully, adding, Pakistan team would perform with the same spirit in other matches and Insha Allah we would win ICC Champions Trophy.Salman Wazir, a student, said the cricket team’s victory had not only brought smile to the faces of people, but it also created a hope and strengthened confidence of Pakistani nation.“The wonderful performance of the cricket team gives us a lesson. And the lesson is that not to lose courage and hope. As our team has managed to steer out of crisis, we too will get rid of these hardships soon”, said Salman pointing to the recent suicide blasts in Peshawar and Bannu.A cricket fan, Ambar Rana described Pakistan team’s triumph as “an outstanding game and a fantastic victory. “We feel redeemed. Instead of anger and disillusionment, there was joy and celebration. Sports News “At times when Raina and Dravid were batting, it seemed that we are no way in a position to win this game but boys kept their confidence and soon after Raina got dismissed LBW, Indian team kept on stumbling,” she said.Another youth said that he was proud of Pakistan team’s victory. For us cricket is like glue that binds us all together. However, he said it looked shameful that blast victim families were mourning the death of their loved ones and the injured were under treatment in hospitals but some people were dancing on roads to celebrate Pakistan’s victory in match against India.


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