Friday, November 13, 2009

Children's Day SMS to exchange greetings

Children's Day celebration begins in India on November 14 to mark the birth anniversary of country's first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.Not only in India, several other countries in the world also observe November 14 as Children's Day.To celebrate the spirit of children and their talent and to promote kids' welfare, the UN General Assembly in 1954 recommended that all countries around the world set aside a day for this purpose on a date they considered appropriate. The day would be seen as a symbol of worldwide fraternity and understanding.After introduction of technologies in the daily life, the celebration of all the festivals and important days become cheaper and easier.As entire country has been geared up to celebrate the birth anniversary of Chacha Nehru as Children's Day, people are also looking for text SMS to exchange the greetings.Several website are available on internet in this regard. Here are Some Childre's Day SMS for you:Pt Jawaharlal Nehru ke janam divas aur cricket me Sachin Tendulkar k shandar 20 years. Is historical din per aap sabhi ko hardik badhaiyan.Teacher Teacher, aaj naa kuch kehna humkoAaj hum khoob mauj udayenge,Saal bhar toh aapki humni suni…Aaj hum baate aapko apni batayenge..Happy Children's Day Teacher!Chacha ka hai janamdivasSabhi bacche aayengeChacha ji ke phool gulab se..Hum bache sama sab mehkayenge!Happy Children's Day Read More....


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