Thursday, November 26, 2009

Four years' jail for raping sleeping woman

A man raped a sleeping woman months before he went on to commit a series of indecent assaults during schoolies week.
Tomas Getachew, 26, was jailed in the Victorian County Court today for raping a 25-year-old woman he met at a social function in June 2007.
Getachew had attacked the woman at a friend's house while she was sleeping and intoxicated.
She awoke to find him assaulting her, the court heard.
A jury found him guilty in April of rape.
Judge Duncan Allen jailed him for four years and nine months.
He must serve a minimum two years and nine months.
Five months after committing the rape, Getachew, formerly of Clayton, assaulted several victims during schoolies week at Lorne in Victoria's south-west.
He was working as an unlicensed bouncer at a hotel when he followed the victims down to the beach and assaulted them.
He was jailed in the Geelong Magistrates Court for one year on several charges, including three of indecent assault.
He has already served his sentence on those counts.
The court heard Getachew migrated to Australia in 2002 as an Ethiopian refugee.
Judge Allen took into account his severe psychiatric illness and the impact this had on his lack of remorse and denial of guilt.
The judge described the rape as opportunistic, "ugly and vicious" on a vulnerable woman.
But he said Getachew's state of mind reduced his moral culpability.
Judge Allen said Getachew would have a good chance of rehabilitation if he received proper treatment.Read More.....


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