Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good manners guidelines ahead of India games

The government of the Indian capital Delhi has prepared guidelines for residents which will warn them not to urinate or spit in public.
The list of dos and don'ts is being compiled to ensure that people of the city are charming hosts for the Commonwealth Games, officials say.
Authorities say a major media and advertising campaign is being planned to teach good manners to people.
Tens of thousands of tourists are expected to attend the games.
They are due to be held in Delhi from 3 to 14 October.
'Keep clean'
"We want to change Delhi's public culture; their behaviour towards each other and to guests… so that they are courteous," The Hindustan Times quoted Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit as saying.
"We want tourists to go back with the impression that Delhi is a sophisticated city," she said.
"We want to tell them don't urinate in public, don't spit, keep your houses and shops clean, keep public transport safe and such things," the newspaper quoted Delhi tourism chief Rina Ray as saying.
"This will tell every Delhiite that instead of being on the sidelines as a spectator, he or she can contribute to a better games."
The BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi says that spitting and urinating in public - primarily male traits - are a common sight across India.
A few months ago, Home Minister P Chidambaram also advised Indians to brush up on their manners and stop spitting and urinating in public places.
Critics say poor civic sense and a lack of public urinals are the main reasons why people indulge in such activities.
A number of states have tried to introduce measures to ban urinating in public in the past.
Three years ago the government of the state of Rajasthan banned graffiti and spitting and urinating in public.
Calcutta has also tried to introduce measures to penalise men for urinating in public.
In some places, images of gods and goddesses have been put up to deter people from urinating or spitting there.


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