Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ladbrokes Bingo's Free Bingo World Cup

Watch the match and enjoy Free Bingo at the same time at Ladbrokes Bingo.
This World Cup, Ladbrokes Bingo is giving away Super Free Bingo. During every single match of the World Cup between Friday 11th June – Sunday 11th July 2010, Ladbrokes Bingo is going to run Super Free Bingo. Bingo games will last 105 minutes and start at the same time as the scheduled match kick-off time.
There will be 14 games of Free Bingo per session and for every game you have a set allocation of 42 tickets. These are all Free Bingo tickets by default.
If you play and win on a Free Bingo ticket then you will win one of the following prizes:

  • 1-line : £5
  • 2-lines : £10
  • Full-house : £15

In every Super Free Bingo game you'll have the option to upgrade Free Bingo tickets to Superbooks tickets and win bigger prizes. Superbooks ticket are only 1p and if you play and win on a Superbooks ticket the prize money will increase to £60 and be split as follows:

  • 1-line : £10
  • 2-lines : £20
  • Full-house : £30

Don't forget you can select a combination of Free and Superbooks tickets and everyone is always playing with 42 tickets so it's fair for all. For example, if you buy 2 Superbooks tickets, you will then have 40 Free tickets.
Plus, you can even pre-purchase Superbooks tickets for these sessions.
Every full-house prize winner of Super Free Bingo will win an entry into a private bingo room for an exclusive night of Free Bingo on Friday 16th July between 20:30 right up until the Bingo Linx game at 10:30pm.
Deposit and spend £5 and get £20 free welcome bonus at Ladbrokes Bingo.


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